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Market Approach

Corporate Social Responsibility

An Efficient Approach

At Plus, having an efficient corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach can have a positive effect on our bottom line, and maintain Plus’s reputation as a responsible member of the maritime industry. We must begin by acting responsibly and ethically in our own business, and we recognize that the most sustainable contributions are those which complement our business goals. We try our best to uphold the policy of sustainable seas through our supply of quality marine fuel and lubricants, including gas oil. We also strive to better communities wherever we are through financial and organizational assistance, supporting local initiatives.

From inception, the shareholders have made numerous donations to worthy causes,
particularly in the areas of youth and education. These have included sponsorships of sports development programs and numerous donations to the arts.

Equal Opportunity

Plus Petroleum is an equal opportunity employer. Our policy is that all employees, irrespective of gender, nationality, skin color and religion, must have equal career and management opportunities. In our view, gender says nothing about a person’s competencies, level of commitment or ability to work with others which is why it is no decisive factor for us.

We believe that as a growing company with a diversified group of business partners across WAF it is not just a great advantage to be represented by employees with different cultural backgrounds. It is an absolute must. Just as is the case with gender, an individual’s religious and sexual orientation will have no impact on his/her career opportunities within our group. We recruit reliable, respectful and competent professionals of any orientation.