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Jonathan Agassi

Jonathan has a wealth of experience in the shipping industry both locally and internationally. He started his career at Overseas Agency Nigeria Limited before moving on to Tasal Oil & Marine Logistics, a member of the wider Taleveras Group where he was the Chief Operating Officer. At Tasal, he was tasked with negotiating charter party agreements with international counterparties, ensuring all agency, regulatory and security clearances were carried out on all chartered vessels and maintaining effective management and deployment of vessels under charter amongst other functions.

Jonathan is a graduate of the famed Maritime Academy of Nigeria, in Oron, Awka Ibom State, Nigeria. There, he was able to develop a strong network with key players in the Nigeria Maritime Industry. He is an integral part of the Plus Petroleum team and utilizes his strong contacts to ensure smooth and safe sailing of Plus Petroleum’s cargo on Nigerian waters, easy entry into port and jetty for berthing. Furthermore, he liaises with all local and international vendors and service providers to continuously ensure smooth operations.